Sunday, March 27, 2005


I have added Glenn Woiceshyn's web site,, to the Education category. (Hat tip to Dollars & Crosses / Capitalism magazine.) Here is their vision statement:

Our most valuable natural resource is the human mind and the seemingly boundless power of reason to improve our lives. Our vision for the future is a radically improved education system, one that helps each child achieve his or her full potential as a human being.

We envision an education system that motivates children to learn and empowers them with the knowledge and thinking skills they'll need to guide their future towards success and happiness. We envision an education system that satisfies each child's intellectual, emotional, and social needs. We envision an education system that graduates knowledgeable, passionate, creative, efficacious, self-confident thinkers. We envision an education system that generates powerful minds.

With such an education system, we envision a world that is radically more intelligent, benevolent, prosperous, peaceful, and enjoyable. (

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