Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I found the below mentioned post via Findory personalized news and blog service. Scroll down the left column for more noteworthy links. I will write more about this topic in my next post.

From Marc Cuban's post, Political Bloggers - the new paparazzi.

Whether it's been newspapers, magazines, TV or radio, the opportunities to reach an audience has been limited to a finite number of local and national gatekeepers. Just outside those gates, knocking on the door, trying to be heard for the past 100 or more years have been wanna be Woodward and Bernsteins. People with information, ideas and concepts that they know the populace would respond to have been turned away, again and again.

Its payback time. The bloggers are here, and they are ready to knock down the gates and get their pound of flesh. The traditional media has no idea what is about to hit them. (, 02/14/05.)

I don't think "we" (if I should categorize my blog as political for the sake of the argument) are the new paparazzi. See Cox & Forkum's cartoon, Pajamas at the Gate, for a more accurate description.

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