Friday, March 11, 2005


Foreign Interference

Here is an excerpt from the article, Nasrallah's Nonsense.

Hezbollah, after all, isn't just another peaceful Lebanese political party. It's owned and operated by the dictators in Syria and Iran. And the "first instinct" of the terror masters in those places isn't to organize peaceful rallies - it was to set off a bomb with about 600 pounds of explosives that killed a Lebanese politician, Rafik Hariri, who was starting to challenge Syria. Only after their terrorist operation caused an anti-Syrian backlash did the terrorists try holding a rally. ...

American authorities know full well what Hezbollah is. They have been classifying it as a terrorist organization for years. Facing up to it and its leaders - not disarming it, not reforming it, not pacifying it, but defeating it - would be a case of America preventing the nearby terror-sponsoring dictatorships of Iran and Syria from ruining Lebanese freedom and democracy at a moment of historic opportunity. And it would be a step toward justice for the families of those murdered by Hezbollah's bombs. (The New York Sun, 03/11/05.)

Here is an excerpt from the article, Iran: U.S. Accuses Tehran Of Extending Its Support For Mideast Terrorist Groups (Part 2).

Tallal Salman, editor of Lebanon's "Al-Safir" daily, believes Iran not only supports Hizballah but also tries to extend support to Palestinian militant groups -- though it is logistically more difficult to do so.

"Any resistance [movement] has its own conditions," Salman said. "Lebanon is geographically tied to Syria, and in terms of military support and training, Iran does have the means to help Hizballah. But it is much more difficult in Palestine. Iran obviously gives political support to Palestinian groups, and also other forms of support that we may not be able to detect. But I believe that even today, there is an organic connection between Iran, Hizballah, and Palestinian groups." ...

Iran and Syria reject charges of interfering in Iraq. On 16 February, the two countries declared that they had formed a mutual self-defense pact to confront "threats" -- an apparent reference to the United States. (Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, 03/11/05.)

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