Friday, March 25, 2005


Here is an excerpt from Jessica Mintz's article, Many Advertisers Find Blogging Frontier Is Still Too Wild. [Via InstaPundit.] [Editor's note: This is today's free feature at The Wall Street Journal Online.]

As a result, advertising on blogs is still in the early stages. Although advertising on Web sites was a $9.6 billion business in the U.S. last year, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau there is little data to date on blog ad-spending., a service that matches bloggers and advertisers, says its business has grown from 28 ads in September 2002 to 1,685 ads last month.

The vast majority of the 8 million or so blogs currently in existence have few if any ads. Many are run by hobbyists or armchair commentators, some of whom sign up to carry tiny text ads from a large pool of advertisers through a service from Google Inc. The ads generate revenue only when a visitor clicks on the ad. (, 03/25/05.)

Blogads has so far been the most successful form of advertising for me. I like Henry Copeland's description on how advertisers' placement of ads is an act of "joining an ongoing conversation." (WSJ, page B1) I haven't made any real money from Google AdSense yet, due to the fact that I can't get a check until the number of clicks have reached a certain level, generating the minimum dollar amount for Google to write me a cheque. Recently I have changed the format to Ad Links. I have to evaluate this a bit later on in the future. On a related note, read Roger L. Simon's post, Google Ads Are Back...

Talking about ads, have you seen that you could place a classified text ad on my blog now?

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