Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Okay, I don't get it. What are Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush up to? Are they cutting deals with the Axis of Evil, or is it some higher level tactics that I don't understand? Please, tell me what's going on... Here is an answer from Rice in Dialogue With Internet Journalists, Seoul.

We understand that North Korea is a sovereign state. I said that in my speech in Japan just yesterday. So North Korea does not need to worry that the United States intends to attack it. And, in fact, probably the reason that you hear this from the North Korean people is this is what they're being told. Well, it is simply not true; the United States does not want to attack North Korea. (, 03/21/05.)

Read TigerHawk's post, The China card [via InstaPundit] and Gus Van Horn's post, China's Big Chance?

Here is an excerpt from John Lewis's post, President Bush's Deadly Iranian Concession.

In return for Iran's agreement to temporarily cease the work needed to produce a nuclear bomb, President Bush has agreed to allow Iran to buy civilian airplane parts, and to drop opposition to Iran's membership in the World Trade Organization. These concessions are exactly the same as the British government's concessions to Hitler in 1935. They will have the same results: the strengthening of an enemy dictatorship that is building a war machine. (, 03/21/05.)

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