Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Maybe you have noticed that Google's AdSense program has showed a PSA for some time on the main page of the blog, but real ads on individual post pages. I sent an email to the support department a few days ago, and got an answer that they "are currently working as quickly as they can to investigate this issue." I am testing the new ad format with a box of five links. Please tell me if you think that the links (ad topics) are relevant.

Henry Copeland of Blogads has created a new blog classified ad unit. I am thinking of adding a classified ad strip to my blog. Please tell me if you are interested in placing a plain text advertisement.

I have joined ("The blogosphere's trading and networking community").

Read Jay Currie's article, Competition Comes to the Ad Market. When do you think MSN Search will start with contextual ads on blogs?

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