Monday, July 25, 2005


Looking at Little Green Footballs, I think it could be a good idea to start to publish an open thread post on Mondays. I want to get feedback from my readers on recent posts, tips and suggestions on material for future posts. Here is the weekly "schedule" in general:

  • Monday: Open thread.
  • Tuesday: How about a "special" RSS post?
  • Thursday: Writing a post for the Carnival of the Recipes on Friday.
  • Friday: Catblogging for the Friday Ark at the Modulator. Quiz, meme, weekend reading material.
  • Saturday: Writing posts for the Carnival of the Capitalists and the Carnival of the Cats.
  • Sunday: Linking to the Reason Roundup. A day for the future podcast show?

Here are some things that you could comment on:

  • How often do you visit EGO? Are you using the RSS feed or email updates via Bloglet? Have you the blog bookmarked? Do you use it as a start page / portal?
  • New blog resources. Anything you want to be added on blog?

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