Thursday, July 7, 2005


I wonder how Blake Morrison of the USA Today could describe Eric Rudolph as an egoist. [Via Kausfiles.]

They reveal a thinker, clever and cunning, who details how he fooled locals and the feds during five years on the lam; an egoist who sees himself and his plight in the books that now take up his days; a zealot, unapologetic in his disgust for abortion and the government; a son who seems to deeply regret what his family has endured. (, 07/05/05.)

The New York Times reports that Eric Rudolph's tale, "Lil," is published at a website called "Army of God."

The Webmaster of the site, Donald Spitz, a minister whose site also includes photographs of aborted fetuses, said Friday that he had been writing to Mr. Rudolph in jail for months, and that Mr. Rudolph had mailed him the 21-page handwritten account. (, 06/26/05.)

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