Thursday, July 21, 2005


In the news: Four explosions on London Tubes and bus - Daily Mail.

I have sent SMS and email messages to people in London for more information about the situation.

Glenn Reynolds:

JEEZ, I CAN'T EVEN GO TO THE GYM without some Al Qaeda bozos trying to blow up London. Luckily, this week's effort seems pretty lame so far compared to two weeks ago. (, 07/21/05.)

I hope the situation will be safer in September, so I will able to make it to the Objectivist conference in London. For more on the situation in London, go to The Command Post and The Counterterrorism blog.

From Cox & Forkum's post, The Real Suicide Bomb.

In referencing the above editorial, TIA Daily's Robert Tracinski further noted what is needed to combat multiculturalism:

[Steyn's] most profound point is that "you can't assimilate with a nullity." "Britishness" has to be about more than superficial details of lifestyle. Britain has to decide what *ideas* it stands for -- and as with the rest of Europe, this is a task for which British culture is unprepared. This is the great advantage that America has: we don't have to search for a non-racial identity, because we are a nation explicitly founded on an idea.

America can provide a model from which Europe needs to learn. Or, in the case of Britain, they can look back to the models from which America learned, from the Magna Carta to the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the Enlightenment ideas that inspired it. (, 07/20/05.)

The above excerpt is the last part of the Robert Tracinski's commentary (The Real Suicide Bomb Is Multiculturalism, 07/19/05) I quoted in my post, SUICIDE BOMBERS AND MULTICULTURALISM. Don't you think it is time to join THE GREAT REPUBLIC BLOGADS MININETWORK?

Do you want to join an ad network of Europeans who have a pro-American sentiment? We want to start a conversation between bloggers and advertisers who value the Americana sense-of-life and individuals who have an intellectual bond with the Anglosphere. We want to create a special relationship between the Anglophile in the United States of America and the American in spirit. We welcome people who are critical against the Eurocrats, but at same time are "Eurocentric" and defenders of the New World and Western civilization. (EGO, 07/19/05.)

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