Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Do you want to join an ad network of Europeans who have a pro-American sentiment? We want to start a conversation between bloggers and advertisers who value the Americana sense-of-life and individuals who have an intellectual bond with the Anglosphere. We want to create a special relationship between the Anglophile in the United States of America and the American in spirit. We welcome people who are critical against the Eurocrats, but at same time are "Eurocentric" and defenders of the New World and Western civilization.

We think that the following parties could be interested in the mininetwork:

  • Individuals who are interested in visiting North America and Europe, doing business in these areas, and are interested in cross-cultural issues.
  • Potential advertisers: Fellow bloggers, expat associations, business schools seeking international students, global trade organizations, international magazines, etc.

If you are a new blogger and want to start using Blogads, please contact me and we could discuss a sponsorship. For an explanation of the name of the network, check out:

E pluribus unum!

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