Monday, July 4, 2005


How will you celebrate Independence Day? I will go to an American restaurant and sportsbar in Gothenburg in the evening.

Independence Day

Let Freedom Reign (2004)

Let Freedom Ring (2003)


Independence Day on the Fourth of July

Pictures from the sportsbar. The waiter asked if we were Americans when he saw the historic flags (Continental flag, Gadsden flag, 1st Stars and Stripes (Betsy Ross), Bennington, and Star Spangled Banner with 15 stars).

Independence Day on the Fourth of July

I had a "Larry Bird " sandwich (a BLT + smoked turkey and ham). You could find more photos at Flickr.

Here is an excerpt from Ian Hamet's post, Everybody’s American. [Via Accidental Verbosity.]

Being American is an idea, an ideal. It has nothing to do with where you were born, and everything to do with what you believe.

Being American is a choice.

And very often the best Americans are the ones who were not born that way.

You're not American because you're white or red or brown or yellow or green; you're American because you believe in liberty.

You're not American because you happen to have been born in the contiguous forty-eight states; you're American because you see that capitalism, entrepreneurship, and individual intitiative are not only the best ways, but also the most moral. (Banana Oil!, 07/04/05.)

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