Sunday, July 31, 2005


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EBay and other dot-com companies have been in business for ten years. Here is an excerpt from the article, Happy e-birthdays, in the Economist.

In their brief history, most online businesses have found profits harder to come by than publicity. Many early stars crumbled to dust (remember Webvan, and, and Amazon's string of losses (which touched $1.4 billion in 2000) only turned to profits in 2003. Though quarterly results this week from eBay, Yahoo! and Google show their already healthy profits to be growing strongly, none of today's online successes feels able to rest on its laurels. Each is trying to move beyond its original source of revenue—selling books and an ever-growing list of other goods (Amazon); auctions (eBay); online advertising (Yahoo!); and “contextual” advertising (Google)—by adopting the successful strategies of its rivals. (, 07/21/05.)

I remember how I tried to access, a clothing store in cyberspace... Do you have any special memory from the early start of the e-commerce era?

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