Monday, July 18, 2005


I am planning to write a post on Islamist groups in London, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe. I will post a list of links of interesting articles by different authors, e.g., Hitchens, Leeden, and Steyn. Could you call the holy war of Jihad a starting point of the WWIII? How about ending the battle by taking out the HQ of terrorism?

I want to mention that the podcasting project is moving along. I had an interesting discussion with Prodos the other day. Please stay tuned! I plan to start the show in August or September.

I have been in contact with Henry Copeland of Blogads in order to try to start a mininetwork of Pro-American blogs in Europe. Here is an excerpt from K. Daniel Glover's post, Advocacy Ads' Newest Outlet.

The company, which will mark just its third anniversary next month, now arranges ads for self-organized networks of bloggers who sell blocs of space geared toward certain audiences. The current options include the Law Blog Ad Network and the Political Insider Ad Network, which includes blogs as diverse as D.C.'s Political Report, Political Wire, PoliPundit, Talking Points Memo and Wonkette. (, 07/18/05.)

Talking about Pro-American signals, read A Rally of One in Sweden and More Danish Pro-Americans at the Gateway Pundit.

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