Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Jacques Chirac has started a food fight... and the British tabloids are responding with throwing "rotten tomatoes":

Alexander Stubb, Finnish Member of the European Parliament, has showed the right spirit (Sisu) and sent a dinner invitation to Chirac.

The member sent an open letter to Mr Chirac from his Finnish-British family, as his wife is from the UK, for a dinner at which they would "endeavour to obtain authentic Finnish and British ingredients in order to avoid disappointment".

He also advised the president, as leader of "an esteemed wine-producing country" that he could provide the wines for the dinner himself. (, 07/06/05.)

I think you could probably eat at the world's best restaurants in London, but the United Kingdom will always be labeled more like a "food" place, not fine cuisine. So, what's your favorite dish? I like many different foods, but my favorite things are: Japanese sushi, Italian pasta, spicy & hot Asian dishes, and American burgers and steaks. To end the post with a twist, I want to inform you about a cookery show with star chef John Burton-Race called, Frenche Leave.

French Leave is a cookery show that goes beyond the kitchen, taking us on a journey into the French countryside and into the heart of a family.

Fed up with life in the UK, chef John Burton Race is swapping the pressures of running a highly successful London restaurant for a farmhouse in south-west France. (

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