Sunday, July 10, 2005


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Will Plaxo's deal with AOL be a success? David Coursey of eWeek thinks so. Here is an excerpt from his article, AOL Deal Gives Plaxo a Fighting Chance.

Lacking a means to attract the 10-to-20 million users needed to turn a profit, Plaxo was running out of money. The company had $20 million when it started in 2001 and, by my estimation, is now down to $10 million or less. Yes, it could have cruised on that money for a while, but finding at least 7 million new users would have been much too expensive without big help.

Enter the big helper: AOL will offer Plaxo's free contact list management tools to its zillions of members. If a reasonable percentage of AOL members decide to use the service, Plaxo will reach critical mass. (Eweek, 07/07/05.)

At the moment I am using a Filofax for my addresses, but as a long-time user of a personal handheld organiser called Psion, I am interested in looking into a new universal digital assistant. Former Google employee, Mark Jen, has a song and dance lecture in his post, What is Plaxo? I have signed up only for Plaxo's online version, because I can't use Outlook on my computer. I have read some critical voices regarding Plaxo's product, but I think it could be a good network tool, if you use it in the right way. I think I could benefit from it when I am traveling around. Talking about journeys, I got an invitation to join Where Are You Now?

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