Thursday, July 7, 2005


In the news: 'Al-Qaeda' group linked to London blasts.

A group calling itself "Secret Organization — al-Qaeda in Europe" has posted a claim of responsibility for the series of blasts in London, a German magazine reported Thursday.

Der Spiegel magazine reported that the group posted its message on a Web site popular with Islamic militants, which it did not name. It said the group claimed the explosions were in retaliation for Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. (, 07/07/05.)

Internet Haganah reports that the "claim was posted on the Qal3ah site of Sa'ad Al Fagih."

Is Denmark the next target? From my post, TERROR IN MADRID.

The terror threat is coming closer to home. Could Denmark be al-Qaeda's next target? From the Copenhagen Post:

"Danish-Moroccan Said Mansour, who has been linked to the Danish national currently facing a death sentence in Algeria for acts of terrorism, has been sentenced to three months in jail by Copenhagen District Court for unlawful possession of arms, document fraud and dealing in stolen property." (EGO, 03/14/04.)

For more on the situation in London, go to The Command Post.


Here is the last paragraph from Robert Tracinski's article, "Victory in Spite of Terror" (What Blair Needs to Say--and Europe Needs to Do).

The worst conclusion our leaders could draw would be the one that I am certain will soon be pushed by the left: that today's attacks were the result of being too aggressive in confronting Islamic terrorism. On the contrary, these attacks were the result of the West continuing to pull its punches and hold back the use of force against the remaining terrorist regimes in Iran and Syria. That is the lesson to be learned from the attacks on London. (, 07/07/05.)

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