Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Kudos to Fredrik Norman for starting the ad-hoc organization, Norwegian Friends of America ("Venner av Amerika" in Norwegian). [Via InstaPundit and Mark Wickens.] Read the article, Students rally support for USA.

I think it could be tough to start a campaign in favor of America in Sweden at the moment. America shouldn't count on military supplies from Sweden in the near future. Add this incident to the collection of THE DARK SIDE OF SWEDEN. As a neutral country, Sweden has had a hard time to pick the right side on several occasions, trying to evade the whole situation by standing in the middle-of-the-road, waiting to get hit by a "speeding truck"... No wonder why Chomsky managed to do a tour in Sweden in 2002 and that 100,000 Swedes marched along on February 15. Nevertheless, it is never too late to change the opinion in Sweden, as long as you could find an article like this one: USA f�rtj�nar v�rt fulla st�d ("USA deserves our full support" in Swedish). Henrik Anderson: Great article!

For more information on America, go to ("Letters from America" in Swedish).

My long-range goal is to return to America - the Land of Opportunity. In order to plan for my future, I have joined the Canadian American Friendship Society.


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