Saturday, March 15, 2003


This evening, six individuals gathered at an American sportsbar in Gothenburg, joining Meryl Yourish's campaign, International Eat an Animal for PETA Day. We had a jolly good time, eating tasty animals (I had a big basket of hot Buffalo wings) and discussing animal "rights". For more food for thought, please take some time and read the following editorials:

Animal's "Rights" Versus Man's Rights. Animal "Rights" Activists Want to Sacrifice Man's Rights. By Edwin A. Locke.:

"Only man has the power to deal with other members of his own species by voluntary means: rational persuasion and a code of morality rather than physical force. To claim that man's use of animals is immoral is to claim that we have no right to our own lives and that we must sacrifice our welfare for the sake of creatures who cannot think or grasp the concept of morality. It is to elevate amoral animals to a moral level higher than ourselves � a flagrant contradiction. Of course, it is proper not to cause animals gratuitous suffering. But this is not the same as inventing a bill of rights for them � at our expense."

Paul McCartney Joins PETA�s Attack on Human Rights. McCartney should fight against, not join, PETA�s fundraising event. By Edwin A. Locke.:

"The concept of rights is meaningless when applied to beings incapable of reason. In fact, the means of survival of many animals is killing and eating other animals � they have no choice about this and no other means of survival unless humans do the killing for them. The real motive of arbitrarily endowing animals with rights is to harm human beings � by preventing the use of animals for food, pets and medical research aimed at curing deadly diseases."

Animal �Rights� vs. Human Rights. The animal-rights movement seeks not to prevent needless cruelty to animals, but to inflict it upon human beings. By Andrew Bernstein.:

"The very attempt to grant �rights� to animals is an attempt to deny them to human beings. It is man alone to whom the very concept of rights applies � because it is only man whose survival requires them. It is only man for whom rights are possible and necessary. Man cannot survive by �instinct� and by brute force, as animals do. He survives by reason."

In the news:
Group blasts PETA 'Holocaust' project.
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Have a bite!

Pastrami on pretzel bread.

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