Tuesday, August 3, 2004


On 3/11, the terror attacks came closer to our neck of the woods. I have a classmate from Spain and I asked her about the situation and what she had heard from the local news and relatives and friends.

From AlertNet:

In Madrid, a judge probing the bombings formally accused Lebanese national Mahmoud Slimane Aoun, who uses multiple identities, of collaboration with a terrorist group and ordered him jailed without bail, judicial sources said. (Reuters, 07/30/04.)

Do you think that M.S.A. received support, aid, and instructions from the Mullahs?

According to the Los Angeles Times, European investigators and court documents point at Abu Mu’s’ab A-Zarqawi as one terrorist who is allegedly linked to Al-Qa’ida and is thought to have operated in Iran. Mu’stafa Setmariam Na’sar, who the Spanish police believe might have planned the Madrid attacks, may also have links to Iran. (Media Line, 08/03/04.)

Will the new national intelligence director be able to connect the dots, or will it be a never ending story of chasing the shadows of global terror?

UPDATE: Read Lawrence Wright's article, The Terror Web. [Via Little Green Footballs.]

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