Saturday, August 14, 2004


I try to avoid swearwords, but I am mad as hell! What's up with this mess in Najaf? Why don't the military forces pay a visit to the Imam Ali mosque and take out Al-Sadr? Read Allen Forkum's informative post, Sensitive War.

UPDATE 08/17/04:
From The Boston Globe: Delegates to seek Sadr concession. Dr. John Lewis has a better solution to problem. Here is the last paragraph of his article, House of God, House of War:

The only way to protect Americans--and, coincidentally, good Iraqis--is to bomb the Najaf mosque into a parking lot, and to announce that any building used for such purposes gets the same treatment. They chose to use their House of God as a House of War. The marching crowds agree. Admit the facts, and act accordingly. Continue aggressive investigations into mosques in America. And let those who will condemn the Americans choose their side openly. (Capitalism Magazine, 08/17/04.)

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