Sunday, August 1, 2004


In the news: Iran Says It Will No Longer Honor Nuclear Promises. Here is an excerpt from Michael Ledeen's article, A regime built on terror:

Alongside the new news about Iran's support for terrorism is the ongoing comic routine about Iran's nuclear program. Here again, the facts are not in dispute. Iran acknowledges its nuclear program, which it claims is necessary for domestic energy generation, even though Iran has a near-inexhaustible supply of natural gas and huge petroleum deposits. The regime faithfully promises to provide the United Nations watchdogs with all the details, and to provide full access. But time and time again the inspectors find the regime has lied, and has lied about components of a program to build atomic bombs. Whenever the International Atomic Energy Agency asks to visit a sensitive site, the Iranians either declare it off limits, or delay the inspection. They talk like virgins, but act like streetwalkers. (National Post, 07/31/04.)

For more cartoons like this, check out John Cox & Allen Forkum's book, Black & White World.

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