Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Duncan Black (a.k.a Atrios) is commenting on Glenn Reynolds' wardrobe [Editor's comment: Do you pronounce it "war-drobe"?!]:

The caption is "celebrate diversity." The colors of the caption are commonly used pan-African colors: red, yellow, and green. While, for many, the "joke" (though, I'm not sure why it's funny) is that here diversity is a diversity of guns. Ha ha. But, look, the clear message here is that the way to celebrate diversity, particularly that pan-African diversity, is to buy a bunch of fucking guns. In other words, celebrate diversity by arming yourself. (Eschaton, 08/03/04.)

If only Mr. Black had spent "just one minute" with Google:

The colors are as represented on the flag, Red, Black and Green (not Green, black and red ) and did indeed evolve from Marcus Garvey's UNIA movement. However, the colors were adopted by an international assemblage of 25 countries of the African diaspora, thereby making the colors international. African Americans have held proudly onto their banner for the past 78 years hoisting it under various titles: International African Flag, The African Flag, Pan African Flag, Liberation Flag, Black Flag, African American Flag, Afro-American Flag and others. Yes, the colors were hoisted first in the United States and, it represents all peoples of the African Diaspora regardless of land of birth. Rasta colors and The Pan African (Garvey Flag) colors not the same and should not be confused. Rasta colors are the Ethiopian colors of green, gold and red. (, Beatrice C. Jones, 11/16/98.)

Now go and purchase one of "those t-shirts"... Do you know if they accept international orders?

UPDATE 08/05/04: Read Jeff Goldstein's post, The Atrios Buys a T-Shirt poem. [Editor's note: How about a t-shirt with the EGO logo by the authors (John Cox & Allen Forkum) of Black & White World?]

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