Thursday, August 19, 2004


Bad news from Venezuela:

By destabilizing and replacing democratic governments in hydrocarbon-rich Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, he also could achieve a regional energy monopoly that could support rogue regimes and frustrate U.S. interests in the hemisphere. Mr. Chavez brought Cuban intelligence advisers to facilitate what may become a Castro-style dictatorship plus petrodollars. (Venezuela: A flashing red light, The Washington Times, 08/18/04.) [Via TIA Daily, Commentary: Dictatorship Plus Petrodollars.]

Here is an excerpt from Thor L. Halvorssen's article, The Price of Dissent in Venezuela:

Col. Chávez has publicly stated that the results of the referendum are irreversible and permanent and that the revolution will now intensify. He is firmly in control of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government; the armed forces; electoral bodies and two-thirds of the country's economy. (OpinionJournal, 08/19/04.) [Via TIA Daily, Commentary: Chavez Seizes Control.]

Read Andrew Dalton's post, The Emerging Venezuelan Dictatorship. For more on the situation in Venezuela, check out "The Devil's Excrement."

UPDATE 08/20/04: Read Nicholas Provenzo's post, The Venezuela Referendum.

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