Sunday, August 15, 2004


I added Feedroll's service on August 1. I will change feeds from time to time. The Command Post's "Global War on Terror" feed is up and running at the moment. You are welcome to give me suggestions on future feeds.

Chris Baker of The Washington Times is asking: What's all the blog about? I am interested to hear my readers views and comments on the blog phenomenon.

I read on the WT's Insider blog that Dick Cheney has been in my old neighborhood:

Vice President Dick Cheney delivered a speech in Dayton, Ohio mocking what can only be described as a gaffe by John Kerry when he used the word "sensitive" to describe how he would fight the war on terror differently than George W. Bush. (Hitting a nerve on Vietnam by Jim Lakely, 08/13/04.)

For more on blogging, read Elise Bauer's post, An Overview of the Weblog Tools Market. [Via Business Blog Consulting.]

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