Wednesday, August 18, 2004


The title of this post is taken from James Valliant's interview with Dr. Leonard Peikoff. If you are a student of Objectivism, you have to check out the new ad on my blog. I hope I will be able to attend the conference in London. Here is a sample of the schedule between September 24 - 27:

  • Ayn Rand and the American Founding Fathers: A Dialogue on Man's Rights by John Ridpath.
  • Ayn Rand: Friends and Family, 1926-51 by Scott McConnell.
  • To the Empire! A Vindication of Colonialism by Robert Tracinski.
  • The Failure of the Homeland Defense: The Lessons of History by John Lewis.

If you want to "chew" fundamental ideas and get proof on why you need a rational philosophy, read Diana Hsieh's post, Who Knew? [via Mark Wickens] and Noumenalself's post, Another heretic is created.

UPDATE 08/20/04: Read Nicholas Provenzo's (The Rule of Reason) post, The Evolution of Diana Hsieh.

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