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I want to thank Bigwig of Silflay Hraka for giving me the opportunity to host this week's edition of Carnival of the Vanities. Here is a great quote from the first carnival:

If we didn't think we had something valuable to say, we wouldn't be doing this. (Bigwig, 09/25/02.)

I hope you had a good summer break and that you enjoyed the samba dance at Fringe blog.

As your carnival instructor, I welcome you back to school.

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Please enter the School of Athens [editor's note: scroll down to the bottom of page and click on the links to /] and take a seat. Here we go, time for the Carnival of the Vanities 101! I have put the entries in different categories but please note that some of the posts could have been in several categories. Integration is the key to your studies!

School of Athens

School of Athens
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As a host, I took the liberty to comment on some of the posts, giving book recommendations, and linking to some of my posts. [Editor's note: If you have any problems with my privilege, send an email to the headmaster... ;)]


[Editor's note: My readers are welcome to submit entries for this category later on. For a great introduction to this branch of philosophy, go first to Chris Howard's site and read Aristotle's Metaphysics and then read Kevin Delaney's interview (Aristotle: "Our Teacher's First Teacher") with Dr. Robert Mayhew.]


King of Fools is venting at yet another symptom of the misplaced focus of education in the United States. [Editor's comment: Should I highlight his entry, Missing the Point, in purple, red, or maybe gold? ;)]


Mr. Fielek gives his young daughter advice in his post, The Dating Years! [Editor's comment: Lily should read this post when she is an adult.]

Sha Ka Ree is comparing and contrasting Relativism and Pluralism:

Because of relativism and political correctness, Americans hesitate to call someone wrong, or to call them a liar, or immoral. Many in the Middle East see this.

Chuck Simmins is asking the question: What Would You Do? [Editor's comment: How would you solve this ethical dilemma?]

Interested Participant has found out that rats are protected in Germany. [Editor's comment: Related: My post, ATTACK BY AN ANIMAL "RIGHTS" GROUP.]


Elliot Fladen has a moving story about a Stanford Law Student Going to Iraq By Choice.

Watcher (of Weasels) is asking J.F. Kerry four questions. [Editor's comment: Don't hold your breath for an answer... [Via Instapundit.]]

Nikita Demosthenes is inviting John McCain for a debate regarding J.F.K's statements on "Nam."

Erick-Woods Erickson argues that we should look beyond the swift boat veterans ad and focus on J.F.K's political career instead:

So, here is the process: for thirty years John Kerry used his lefty anti-Vietnam status to climb the political ladder of lefty politics in America. Then, after thirty years, he immediately tried to claim the mantle of war hero in a war he condemned and used, for thirty years, to condemn most all military activity.

McQ is (questioning and) observing the relationship and coordination between J.F.K and MoveOn. [Editor's comment: For more on this issue, read my posts, MOVEON.ORG: TIME TO MOVE ON... and FINANCE THE EGO CAMPAIGN REFORM & LONDON CONVENTION.]

Dean Esmay has written an open letter to Senator Kerry, asking about his "web of connections."

D-42 managed to include two entries.: Scrolling Past Swift Boat Vets and Twice Vote, Twice Shy.

Wally of Irreconcilable Musings has A Suggestion for the RNC Bloggers:

I look forward to seeing what the RNC Bloggers will cover that the mainstream media will not because they're off communing with the anarchists. I also look forward to seeing the real face of the protestors, not the filtered image that the Washington Post and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune will try to pass off as genuine.

[Editor's comment: Related: my post, "RECLAIM THE CITY" OF GOTHENBURG?]

Last One Speaks is discussing the issue of medical marijuana in Oregon. [Editor's comment: Check out the Ashcroft v. Raich case.]

For "a digest of developments in medicine, technology, and society," go to Blogborygmi and read the post, Lawyers, Time, and Money. [Editor's comment: Read my post, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.]

John Ray is keeping himself busy with at least four different blogs: Dissecting Leftism, Gun Watch, Greenie Watch and Political Correctness Watch. You will find:
Dissecting Leftism has an interesting comparison between the Iraq situation today and Britain in 1940.
Gun Watch says that doctors are a lot worse for you than guns.
Greenie Watch says that it is dumb to see current bad weather episodes as evidence of climate change.
Political Correctness Watch says that official anti-racist policies only make racism worse.


Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World has written a post with the title, Creating businesses with bloggers. [Editor's note: I am interested in joining a future blog business venture when I have returned to the Land of Opportunity - America.]


Aunty Goob of Goobage has written a "a response to the Declaration of Independence." [Editor's recommendation: The Declaration of Independence: America's Heroic Saga by John Ridpath.]

The Monk explains why the Electoral College is the key to stability in America:

The Electoral College, and the winner-take-all allocation on a state-by-state basis, is one of the great mechanisms of the US system. Why? Because it works in variety of ways.

Bussorah of Wicked Thoughts has a thought-provoking newsflash for the year 2035. [Editor's comment: Back to the Future?!] Here is an example:

Castro finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.


Da Goddess gives examples on why "men are weird" in her post, Crockett Man. [Editor's comment: Back to the 80's! I enjoyed Miami Vice, but I wouldn't go so far as the "Crockett Man"... ;)]

Extracurricular Activities

Tim Worstall has the scoop on George W. Bush and Yale Rugby. [Editor's comment: On a related note, read my post, WESLEY CLARK: A REAL PATRIOTS FAN?]

Northstar of The People's Republic of Seabrook describes a gameplan for his "pilgrimage back to the Motherland" in his post, Mohammed Goes To the Mountain. [Editor's comment: I am still trying to figure out the rules...]

Do you care for some gambling? Read Brian's post, Litigation Pool, for details.

Go to Dodgeblogium for a story (When being P.O.ed is a good thing...) on a "sensible guitarist."

Solonor (Solonor's Ink Well) describes (Keep behind me. There's no sense in getting killed by a plant.) the quiet joy that fills his heart whenever he thinks about cleaning his yard.


Fringe has a fashion insight:

Hats are coming back into style. Which means that manliness is coming back into style as well.

David of Israellycool has created a bunch of new Blog Concepts.

La Shawn Barber knows the rules of the game of "blog chess" and is declaring the following (Queen of My Domain):

I run this blog and no one else's. But what if you trash me on another site? What control do I have over that? Keep reading!

Steve Gigl of Helloooo, Chapter Two! is sending out a message to our newspapers:

A bit of pro-blog/anti-newspaper propaganda, prompted by the recent poor treatment of some highly respected bloggers at the hands of the Star Tribune.


Josh has published part I & II of his story, Great Dismal.

Alan K. Henderson is pondering on Machiavelli and Strauss and Hoew's Generations.

Evening Class

Paul Noonan [Editor's note to P.N.: Are you a "night watchman"?] sent me the following e-mail after the dead-line:

I don't know if a fisking is apropos for the Carnival, but in this one I contribute a lot of original material, and I thought it was quite amusing.

After long and tough negotiations together with "Mr. Brian Stimpson," the school board decided to include the late entry, I'll drink to that, at the carnival. Cheers!

Here is the schedule for the next semester:

September 1st: Blogo Slovo.

September 8th: Food Basics.

September 15th: Silflay Hraka, The Two Year Anniversary.

September 22nd: The Eleven Day Empire.

September 29th: Last One Speaks.

October 6th: Incite.

October 13th: Conservative Dialysis.

October 20th: The People's Republic of Seabrook.

October 27th: The Twins Tell the Truth.

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