Monday, August 2, 2004


I haven't been posting so much on my other blogs lately, but I have now updated Lukeion and Martin Lindeskog's Weblog. I want to try to get some help with Lukeion and develop it to a group blog in the future. I will post more regularly on my personal blog later on, playing around with things like photo / audio / video / mobile-blogging. Please send me suggestions, tips, comments and reviews on tools, e.g, Flickr and Picasa.

UPDATE 08/03/04:

Time for participating in Lisa's meme called RE: Blogs.

RE: Blogs #14

1. YES! It’s the return of RE: Blogs! I’ve just been too preoccupied with SO much - I missed a week. I’m dreadfully sorry! So spank me already and get it over with! With everything I have going on - - I’ve been sorely neglecting my blog. Are you ever guilty of blog neglect? Do you feel bad? Guilty? Do you just NOT blog at all? Or try and fill your blog with stuff just so that there are regular updates? What is a busy blogger to do?? Do tell!

I don't feel guilty for not updating my blog, but I want to keep it going and fresh with news and commentary as much as I can. This meme is a good exercise. At this moment I am feeling a bit "paralyzed" by the news of terror warnings in New York City's financial district and I have a hard time to write something at all. I calmed down after reading Commissar's live report from Citigroup Center.

2. Speaking of blog content . . . do you have things you have been meaning to blog about - but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Share your top 5 “Blogging To Do” list with us!

I more or less did a "copy & paste" edition of Lisa's answers! ;)

1. My fascination with ancient Greece. It sparked my interest again after watching the first episode ("Death or Glory") of Antony Thomas' documentary, The Real Olympics.

2. Writing more book reviews, starting discussion threads, highlight the Book of Month category and ask for future book recommendations. Add titles to All Consuming,, and my wish lists at Amazon.

3. Linking to more posts by fellow bloggers on my blogroll, searching for new columnists and guest writers to my blog.

4. Posting more fun news and inspirational pieces. Searching for positive things going on.

5. Personal stuff. Write more about my career, studies, activities and hobbies.

3. Come on - I know this gets redundant - - but linky love is NEVER over done, is it? Besides - it’s been almost two weeks since the last one. Give us your top blog posts that have tweaked the ol’ grey matter this week.

* How to be creative by Hugh Macleod.
* Theory of Blogilution by Monica White.
* Philosophy Kills by Robert Tracy.

I want to end this update and say thanks to Anne of Blogliners for her nice greeting.

Mother Theresa? Oprah? Tony Buzan? Your parents? Tell us about someone who inspires you in your life.

Mother Theresa is not an inspiration at all. She is standing for altruism.

I don't have any special opinion about Oprah, but this story looks interesting. I think that Parkinson is a pretty good talk show host.

Yes, Tony Buzan is an inspiration with his graphic technique called mind mapping.

You could find plenty of inspirational individuals in Edwin Locke's book, The Prime Movers: Traits of the Great Wealth Creators and in Michael Paxton's documentary, Ayn Rand: Sense of Life.

Yes, my parents have been a great source of inspiration. They have encouraged me to become a free thinking individual.

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