Tuesday, May 31, 2005


As I mentioned in a previous post, I have signed up with Pajamas Media. I am interested in new alternatives in advertising and I am fascinated to be a part of a new blog network. Here is an excerpt from Glenn Reynolds's article, We the (Media) People.

Like a lot of blogs, my site, and Mr. Quick's, generate a modest amount of revenue from ads. Most blogs don't attract the traffic that newspapers do (though some blogs have higher readerships than quite respectable newspaper sites), but Henry Copeland's blogads.com combines thousands of blogs to deliver large numbers of eyeballs to advertisers. The next step, though, will be collecting all that independent reporting into something easier for readers to find and navigate.

Some people are working on that, too: In fact, Pajamas Media, a blog-news venture I'm involved with, is recruiting a network of independent journalists around the world (and especially in less-democratic countries) and working on ways to support them financially, legally, and technologically. Others are working on news-aggregation technology that will automatically gather blog posts on particular topics, allowing people to customize their news. (Online.WSJ.com, 05/31/05.)

Go to Pajamas Media's site if you are interested in joining the network. Send an e-mail message to them for more information. If you contact them, please give my name as a reference. If you want to know the "dress code" for a blogger, follow the instructions as follows:

For the record and on public demand. [Editor's comment: No comment... ;)] Shirtmaker Charles Tyrwhitt's Herringbone Blue Pyjamas is editor's choice. And now back to regular programming... Robert Tracinski is commenting on John Fund's article, I'd Rather Be Blogging (CBS stonewalls as "guys in pajamas" uncover a fraud.), in the following way:

The Wall Street Journal also has an amusing piece about how Internet bloggers--dismissed by a CBS News executive as "a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing"--have brought the "old media" to account. For the record, we would like to note that TIA's staff is almost always fully and appropriately attired when we compile TIA Daily. (TIA Daily, Commentary: "Guys in Pajamas" Take Down "60 Minutes", 09/13/04.)

(EGO, I RATHER WATCH 20/20 THAN 60 MINUTES, 09/13/04.)

Pajamas at the Gate

More news... I will do some guest blogging over at Anita Campbell's blog, Small Business Trends, in June and July. I will do a post on business and a PowerBlog Review. EGO was reviewed in August, 2004.

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