Monday, May 16, 2005


I wouldn't protest if: "U.S. interrogators at Guantánamo prison had placed the Qur'an on toilet seats and even flushed one." (Quote from Evan Thomas's article, How a Fire Broke Out, May 23 issue of Newsweek.) But I am sure you could find more appropriate versions of military tactics and foreign policy. It is important to understand that a battle of ideas is taking place. It is all about reason versus faith.


If you are interested in following this story, check out Memeorandum for automated updates on what's happening at the editor's desk at Newsweek. For more information, read Austin Bay's post, The Press' Abu Ghraib: Newsweek Apologizes, After 15 People Are Dead. [Via InstaPundit.]

By the way: I am wondering what will happen with "Newsweek's victim," Imran Khan... I am sure the employees at the University of Bradford are not happy campers at the moment.

UPDATE 05/17/05:

In the news: Press unmoved by Newsweek retraction.

Read Gus Van Horn's post, Whose Riots?

If flushing a Koran down the commode after using a few pages for toilet paper is what it takes to get some Islamofascist psychopath to start singing like a bird, so be it. For crying out loud, we were attacked without provocation in the name of that book! People died in the name of that book. These reprobates should shut their pieholes, realize that maybe we don't give a damn about their little book, and take solace in the "knowledge" that we'll rot in hell for all eternity after what we have done. (Or are they not so sure about that last part? Maybe that's why they feel the need to mete out punishment in the here and now....) The fact that I, an ordinary citizen, am coming up with this now, rather than having heard it days ago from a government official is an alarming indication of the intellectual bankruptcy of our nation's leaders. (, 05/16/05.)

Robert Tracinski is commenting on the New York Sun's editorial, The Other Side of Newsweek.

In yesterday's TIA Daily, I argued that the premise behind the Koran-in-the-toilet imbroglio is a concession to the Islamist idea that insults to their "holy book" are a crime equivalent to (or worse than) the mistreatment of a human being. Today's New York Sun expands on that theme and takes the Bush administration to task for "pandering to the sensibilities of our Islamist enemies." Quite right. (, Whose Holy Book?, 05/17/05.)

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