Friday, May 6, 2005


THANK GOD IT IS FRIDAY... It's time for the Carnival of the Recipes! This week's edition is hosted by

Carnival of Recipes #38

The Pascha Basket Edition

Well, for me and a few others in the blogsphere, last Sunday was Pascha (Easter). That means the fasting is done and we can eat all the good stuff again. So lets look at this week's recipes and see where they fit in the Russian custom of an Easter Basket. Orthodox baskets contain eggs and candy like western baskets, but also lots more. Meat, fish, dairy, eggs, oil, and wine are all excluded in the fast and therefore all of them are seen in baskets. The baskets are blessed after the midnight service and taken home and eaten out of for breakfast and throughout Bright Week. So without me wasting anymore time, let's see what submissions for the electronic Pascha Basket bring. ...

For a bit of spice after the blandness of Lent, Martin at Ego has a choice that sounds great - Zwieback Crisprolls with Chile. (, 05/06/05.)

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