Sunday, May 1, 2005


Today is a "red" day in Sweden. I have been close to a May Day demonstration once, many years ago. A friend and I were walking along on the street, watching a group called Communist Party Marxists Leninists (revolutionaries). We asked them that they thought about their "house god," Karl Marx and his anti-Semitic views. They didn't like the question and shouted at us: "Go home, your damn upper-class youth!" Do you know the Swedish version of the song, The Internationale? The leaders of the ruling party (Social Democrats) in Sweden are not so keen on singing the fourth verse of the song... The text is about the oppression of the State and the TAX PRESSURE.

In the news:

Instead of participating in the May Day demonstration, maybe you could join the Morris dance? [Editor's comment: I will ask our cat, Morris, if he know about this dance! ;)]

May 1st is controlled by the so-called working class and the focus is on manual labor instead of the work of the mind. As an antidote to this idea, listen to Prodos's interview with Glenn Woiceshyn. Mr. Woiceshyn is the founder of the Powerful Minds program.

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