Monday, May 23, 2005


Time for carnivals! Meet up with rational individuals, capitalists, and cats.

Welcome to the Reason Roundup! Does a Koran in the toilet justify murder? Feathers! A good prayer! What is really happening in the Catholic Church? The Donald and the twin towers. The latest on Star Wars. What is gODDESS? More... (, 05/22/05.)

Welcome to the Ideologic flavour of Carnival of the Capitalists. I am Harish Keshwani, your host for the time you stay at the Carnival. Help yourself with some cappuccino and snacks and enjoy “best of the best” entries for this week. For your reading pleasure, all posts are divided into categories and each link opens in a new window. (, 05/22/05.)

There was a minor issue with forwarding within Plesk this week, topped off with a host that had a family emergency and needed to back out at the last minute.

Even with forwarding, the posts all sit in the mailbox anyway, so a last-minute rescue is always possible.

And here we are.

Sixty one Carnivals of the Cats, no asterisk. (, 05/22/05.)

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