Sunday, May 8, 2005


I wonder if blogging on the move, i.e., moblogging, has become a standard thing yet. Blogger is on the "go" and Biz Stone recently announced the start of Blogger Mobile. I have to wait until the service could support international phone operators, or if you could use SMS. If someone is interested in becoming a mobile guest blogger, please contact me and I could add your profile as a team member. It has been interesting to read reports from BlogNashville. Many of the attending participants have been blogging during the conference. Here are some examples:

Here is an excerpt from Jamais Cascio's post, The Rise of the Participatory Panopticon.

Because of that connection, it's possible to take a snapshot with a cameraphone and send it off in email or post it to a web page with a push of a button or two. Thousands of so-called "moblog" sites have sprung up, dedicated to cameraphone shots of whatever captures the photographer's eye at that moment. And increasingly, cameraphones can do more than just take still images. A growing number of cameraphones can record -- and send -- video clips. With so-called 3G networks, bandwidth is sufficient to send live webcam-style video from a mobile phone. (, 05/04/05.)

I have to get a newer phone with more features in order to do mobile blogging. For example a Qtek 8020 by HTC. At the moment I have a very simple phone (Siemens C45) with only some basic features. You are welcome to send me suggestions on phones in preparation for my future journey through the red and blue states. I don't think I will use the phone for tornado chasing, though. It sounds too risky.

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Here is an excerpt from Les Jones's comment:

Have you checked out the remote audio blogging services like AudioBlog? A couple of bloggers I read have used that while on the go, and it's pretty good. You call a number and record your message and it posts a link on your blog to the recording. Works with most blogging systems (Blogger, MovableType, LiveJournal, and TypePad). Mighty slick.

Please check out my post, EGO AUDIOBLOGGER.

Read Michele Catalano's post, Fun With Camera Phones.

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