Sunday, May 15, 2005


What will happen in the photo business in the near future? Do you think that Kodak could make a comeback in a snap(fish), as Hewlett-Packard? The Economist is stating in a subtitle: "A photography giant changes boss to survive in the digital age." The new boss, Antonio Perez, is coming from HP. Lonnie Brown thinks that Kodak has made the transition into the field of digital photography in a good way. Kodak is doing a great job at zooming in on the female buyers. Another post at the Fotolia blog is discussing if the sales of digital cameras will decline in the near future. What is your guess?

I think you will see plenty of acquisitions and new business deals in the future. Target has moved away from Kodak and is now using Yahoo! Online Photos Service. Digital Photography Review reported in August 2004 that "Hasselblad and Imacon merge to take on the Professional digital market." The photo in the article is taken at the new Hasselblad building in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I am planning to take some pictures from my adventure in Sopron, Hungary, and print them out and create a sort of scrapbook memento.

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