Sunday, May 15, 2005


Time for Reason Roundup, Carnival of the Capitalists, and Carnival of the Cats.

Welcome to the Reason Roundup! What is "The American Dream"? Terrorist Iraqis in Sweden. Americans as targets. The good old days of the comic pages. America the free? Man-made beauty. Is global warming...cooling? And more... (, 05/15/05.)

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is going to be a great one, judging by the submissions. Sadly, due to personal reasons and finals I haven't been updating my site all that often. This is going to be the kick start that I need. But enough about me, this is about the wonderful business minded individuals all throughout the blogosphere. They've worked hard and should be proud of their work, go ahead and visit them. You'll be glad you did. (, 05/15/05.)

Welcome to the Aptenobytes version of the Carnival of the Cats. Feel free to wander around and browse the rest of the site. It's been relatively quiet for the last little while, but there are some things in the archives worth exploring, including a lot of pictures of the family cats.

As we all know, cats are natural born anarchists. They do not accept your authority, or anyone else's for that matter. (, 05/15/05.)

[Editor's comment: I don't think our cat Morris is an anarchist. He hasn't been in any riots against the state and he doesn't act like a hippie... ;)]

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