Monday, September 13, 2004


From Robert Garcia Tagorda's post, Where Have I Been?:

Needless to say, you'll find limited discussion of proportionally spaced fonts, IBM Selectric Composers, and suspicious superscripts in these quarters.

[Editor's comment: I remember using an IBM's electric typewriter 670X back in the day. Don't you miss the "feeling" of the typewriter keyboard?] It is hard to keep up with my fellow bloggers on their "fox" hunt on the rather biased crowd at CBS, so I direct you to [Via InstaPundit.] Here is an excerpt from CK Rairden's article, Dan Rather's Blunder: The Day Old Media Died?:

Bloggers are a unique breed, some use humor, some simple facts, and some a combination to cite opinion and report on stories. Most use the type of critical thinking that has long been lost in the old media. That's given them millions of consumers and the new media has used that power well and flexed its collective muscle in the last two months. They used their influence to push the SwiftVets story in August and literally stopped the Kerry camp for over a month. And now in September have derailed Dan Rather's attempt to derail President Bush and have dominated the coverage of the presidential race for the first 13 days in September. (The Washington Dispatch, 09/13/04.)

I miss John Stossel's segment on ABC's 20/20. I am stuck with 60 minutes...

Down From The Mountain

UPDATE: News Flash! For the record and on public demand. [Editor's comment: No comment... ;)] Shirtmaker Charles Tyrwhitt's Herringbone Blue Pyjamas is editor's choice. And now back to regular programming... Robert Tracinski is commenting on John Fund's article, I'd Rather Be Blogging (CBS stonewalls as "guys in pajamas" uncover a fraud.), in the following way:

The Wall Street Journal also has an amusing piece about how Internet bloggers--dismissed by a CBS News executive as "a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing"--have brought the "old media" to account. For the record, we would like to note that TIA's staff is almost always fully and appropriately attired when we compile TIA Daily. (TIA Daily, Commentary: "Guys in Pajamas" Take Down "60 Minutes", 09/13/04.)

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