Saturday, June 11, 2005


Today I saw a demonstration in Gothenburg for a referendum in Iran. I hope the mullahs will be kicked out of power and Iran will turn from a theocracy to a secular republic.

Regime change in Iran
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I saw posters of Ahmad Batebi and public hangings.

Regime change in Iran
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Here is an excerpt from the post, Evin Again. (Lip Service vs. Freedom - What Would Our American Fathers Do?), on Blog-Iran.

Is it not time for President Bush to put an end to the charade? Isn't it time for the President of the Free World to act on all the rhetoric that has come out of Washington and announce a real policy in support of the Iranian people, a policy that will put European officials who have strenuously worked to maintain the clerical regime to shame? (, 06/11/05.)

For more on Akbar Ganji, read the following posts and articles:

If you want to learn more about the election 1384, go to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

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UPDATE 06/12/05:

The organizer of the demonstration sent me six photos.

Demonstration in Gothenburg

Go to my "Regime Change in Iran" gallery at Buzznet for the additional five pictures.

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