Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Will you visit the International Freedom Center? Here is an excerpt from Debra Burlingame's article, The Great Ground Zero Heist. [Via Roger L. Simon.]

The World Trade Center Memorial Cultural Complex will be an imposing edifice wedged in the place where the Twin Towers once stood. It will serve as the primary "gateway" to the underground area where the names of the lost are chiseled into concrete. The organizers of its principal tenant, the International Freedom Center (IFC), have stated that they intend to take us on "a journey through the history of freedom"--but do not be fooled into thinking that their idea of freedom is the same as that of those Marines. To the IFC's organizers, it is not only history's triumphs that illuminate, but also its failures. The public will have come to see 9/11 but will be given a high-tech, multimedia tutorial about man's inhumanity to man, from Native American genocide to the lynchings and cross-burnings of the Jim Crow South, from the Third Reich's Final Solution to the Soviet gulags and beyond. This is a history all should know and learn, but dispensing it over the ashes of Ground Zero is like creating a Museum of Tolerance over the sunken graves of the USS Arizona. (, 06/08/05.)

I recommend you to check out Kenneth Gardner and Herbert Belton's design plan for rebuilding the Twin Towers at / Here is an excerpt from Brendan P. Byrne's post, Welcome to Twin Towers II.

We would like to welcome you to view our model that is on display at the Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Avenue. (56th St.). Also, please review a petition for proper memorial of the victims of September 11, 2001. It will only take a moment, but it will change the New York City skyline and the spirit of America forever. Please spread the word, we need as much support as possible. (


UPDATE 06/09/05:

Read Jeff Jarvis's post, Using the innocents, continued. Here is Robert Tracinski's commentary, This Will Kill That.

"This will kill that" is a line with a totally different meaning that I gratuitously stole from Victor Hugo's "Notre Dame de Paris." (My apologies to Shoshana Milgram.) I use it to mean that September 11 is the death knell for the whole leftist intellectual establishment, which now stands exposed as an ally of religious dictatorship and an enemy of the civilization they are supposed to guard.

The latest glaring example (aside from Jimmy Carter's demand to shut down our main terrorist prison camp), is the attempt by a cabal of leftist intellectuals to take over the vast memorial planned for the World Trade Center site and turn it into a platform for the "blame America first" crowd. It is reminder to the American people that the intellectuals are their enemies. (, 06/08/05.)

What do you think about Ron Devito's post, Memorial Complex?

Here is an excerpt from Allen Forkum's post, Culture Complex.

Keep in mind the context here: the "Guantanamo is a gulag" ACLU and other leftists groups are involved in the memorial. How can the memorial be "respectful of the victims of September 11" if, like the ACLU, we do not "precisely define 'freedom'"? True political freedom is not a matter of opinion. After all, didn't Mohammed Atta and his fellow Islamic mass murderers "act in the service of freedom as they [saw] it"? Didn't they want the Islamic world to be "free" from Western culture and "globalization"? Isn't that the very reason they chose to attack the capitalistic World Trade Center in the great New York City? Will views sympathetic to Atta's "point of view" be allowed on the hallowed ground where thousand were slaughtered by him? Have they already?

If one iota of appeasing, multicultural, moral-equivalence, anti-freedom ideology is allowed to desecrate the 9/11 memorial, it will be a victory for the very monsters who brought down the towers. Ask yourself: would it prove our "self-confidence and humanity" if we rose "above the politics of the moment" and allowed Nazi-sympathizers to express "freedom as they see it" at Auschwitz, or even the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum? No, it would not. It would be an insult to the victims. And likewise we must not allow terrorist-sympathizers and apologists any platform at the WTC memorial. (, 06/09/05.)

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