Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Anne Applebaum has interesting comments on the 16-Nation Pew Global Attitudes Survey (U.S. Image Up Slightly, But Still Negative), and she is asking the question: Who Are the Pro-Americans? [Editor's comment: I am one of the pro-Americans!] Robert Tracinski of the Intellectual Activist has the following commentary (The Empire of "Aspiration"):

This is the closest someone in the mainstream press has come to identifying the trend I call the "Empire of the Pursuit of Happiness." Anne Applebaum looks in detail at the numbers from a recent poll of overseas attitudes toward America. She finds, in part, that we tend to be loved by those whom we have rescued from tyranny: Europeans who remember World War II, or Eastern Europeans who remember Communism.

What is more interesting is that the poll numbers show that we tend to be loved by ambitious young people who are "on the way up." America represents an agent of help in their ambition to improve their lives--many of these people hope to emigrate here or to work for or with an American company--and also, I would add, as proof that success is possible. (, 06/29/05.)

You could read more about the survey in the article, Still not loved. Now not envied. Here is an excerpt from the article in the Economist.

The Pew poll even raises questions about how far others still see America as the land of opportunity, as Americans do. One question asked: "Suppose a young person who wanted to leave asked you to recommend where to go to lead a good life—what country would you recommend?" Nobody except the Indians picked the United States first (see table). (, 06/23/05.)

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Britain
  4. Germany
  5. US
  6. China
  7. France
  8. Japan
  9. United Arab Emirates

As I have said in other posts, I am open to go to other English speaking countries, e.g., Canada, in order to return to America in the future.

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