Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I am glad to read that Steve Forbes (column, Fact and Comment) is coming out as a strong supporter of the immigrants to the land of opportunity - America. I found this article via InstaPundit:

We have the worst of all worlds in our current immigration system -- it's demeaning, unpredictable, and contemptuous toward would-be legal immigrants, while being porous toward illegals. And it's the main experience most foreigners have of dealing with the United States government. (, 06/22/05.)

Here are some excerpts from the article, Asinine Way to Treat Ultimate Asset: People.

The Bush administration is doing the economy long term harm by not reforming our post-9/11 immigration and visa policies. Since the terrorist attacks, foreigners have had to go through considerably more hassle to enter this country. No one is arguing about the mortal necessity of tightening our screening procedures. But it defies belief that this, the most technologically advanced of nations, can't come up with software and hardware to expeditiously assist in determining who should and should not gain entrée. ...

In years past most foreign-born graduate students remained in the U.S. after completing their studies. Now they are in a minority--a declining one at that. Technology guru George Gilder has not-so-facetiously suggested that when overseas graduate students complete their studies here, green cards should be embossed on their diplomas. ...

A more immediate problem concerns H-1B visas, which allow companies here to hire immigrants with critical high-tech skills. These folks can work in the U.S. for a maximum of six years. Last year the quota for these special visas was filled in six months. High-tech outfits are continually frustrated by their inability to bring in people who can help them compete and grow. So why not raise the quota--or better yet--scrap it altogether? (, 07/04/05.)

I have been in USA as a resident, both on a student visa and then later, on a work visa. I have been participating in the green card lottery many times, but I haven't been a lucky winner yet. My passport states that I am citizen of the socialist welfare state of Sweden, but I am an American in spirit. My long-range goal is to return to America. If you are interested in contacting me regarding tips and suggestions on job opportunities, please visit my updated web site at


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