Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I missed this year's Celebrate Capitalism Day. I got reminded of this event after receiving an email message from Prodos. [Editor's note: It looks like Prodos has problem with his ISP at the moment... I can't access his website.] If you participated in the walk for capitalism, please leave a comment.

Today I received my birthday gift from Gus Van Horn. I have read Gary Hull's introduction. The Abolition Of Antitrust has three parts: The Economics of Antitrust, The Legal History of Antitrust, and The Morality of Antitrust. Here is an excerpt from Gary Hull's introduction.

The essays in this book are written for the intellectually active layman. Our focus is on basic principles illustrated with relevant examples. By doing this, we hope to show readers that antitrust is not just narrow legal or economic issue relevant only to those companies facing prosecution. (Page X, August 2004.)

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