Sunday, June 5, 2005


Check out the following carnivals:

Welcome to The Reason Roundup. More Koran in the can. The "culture club". Fraudulent "Mozart Effect"? New reason-based books. Agriculturists Shrugged. Are you Syriaus? "The Greatest American". The Wachovia Contradiction. (, 06/05/05.)

As your host, let me first share how I've compiled this CotC. I started out with Brian Gongol's template, but noticed that several posts (e.g. topics related to blogging, environment, etc.) didn't fall into any of the typical CotC categories. Hence, I've assigned (one or more) keywords to each entry for better categorization & navigation. There were 48 entries, all of which have been listed below, in random order. Given my own blogging interests, I've asterisk-ed those blogs and/or posts that talk about investing & trading in the capital markets. (, 06/05/05.)

Welcome to the 63rd edition of the Carnival of the Cats!

Come in, make yourself at home. But behave. Mister Gato has his eye on you. (, 06/05/05.)

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