Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Check out Isaac Mao's project called Adopt a Chinese Blog. Have you seen a similar "adopt a blog" project for Iranian bloggers? Here is a list of potential "candidates":

"URL is accessible through the local connection but inaccessible through the remote computer; a block page was positively identified." The OpenNet Initiative's (Internet Filtering in Iran) Enumeration Report, second testing run. [Via InstaPundit.]

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Here is an excerpt from DoctorZin's post, Stand with the Iranian People!

Adopt an Iranian blogger. There are a great many Iranian bloggers (many on the list have been shutdown). Many of these bloggers have had little contact with the rest of the world and often feel alone in their struggle. These bloggers come from a wide variety of political and religious perspectives. You may find yourself engaged in a variety of fascinating discussions. But most important, let them know that there are many who support their efforts. (, 05/30/05.)

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