Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Time for some new pictures of plants. The first one is a tobacco plant. The photo is from Gunnebo House (called "castle" in Swedish) and Gardens.

If you go to my other blog, you will see a photo of a Cheyenne F1 chile pepper plant with a small green fruit. Here is an excerpt from James F. Sweeney's article, Hot enough for you? [Via Hot Sauce Blog.]

And hot sauces are just plain fun. How can you not enjoy something called Scorned Woman, Toad Sweat or Jump In an Open Grave? And those are just brands that can be printed in a family newspaper. There are plenty with names and labels best left off the dining-room table. One local store even has a "naughty shelf" covered by cardboard to prevent tender sensibilities from scalding. ( / The Plain Dealer, 06/29/05.)

Talking about taking heat, do you think that George Bush will have a "long hot summer"?

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