Sunday, August 28, 2005


Malev Hungarian Airlines did a good job on transporting me between Budapest and Gothenburg. It was an enjoyable flight with good service and food (sandwich, raisin bun, and a snack bar). I am glad that I will not fly with British Airways to the philosophy conference in London in September. I hope that the privatization initiatives are continuing to proceed in Hungary and Malev will become a private company in the near future. The business deal has become a hot political issue.

The airport in Budapest is also up for sale. Here is an excerpt from Kevin Done and Chris Condon's article, Five bidders on short list for Hungary airport.

The privatisation of Budapest airport is likely to be one of the biggest airport sell-offs completed globally this year.

The airport has been growing rapidly since the entry of Hungary into the European Union, which has opened the way for the arrival of several low-cost airlines, which have turned Budapest into one of their main gateways into central Europe. Passenger numbers rose by 28.6 per cent last year to 6.5m. (, 08/27/05.)

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