Sunday, August 7, 2005


In the news: Marilyn Monroe 'was not suicidal' - BBC.

You could read John W. Miner's transcript of the "Monroe tapes," in the Los Angeles Times. Joe Gandelman has covered the story in his post, Marilyn Monroe Transcripts Don't Pass The Confirmation Test. I have to go back to Donald Spoto's book, Marilyn Monroe: The Biography, and read certain passages.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with Dwayne Bell of Body in Mind.

EGO: Have you read Ayn Rand's column, Through Your Most Grievous Fault, on Marilyn Monroe?

Bell: Yes. It's my proof that female beauty is indeed the representation of values. You see I never cared for Marilyn Monroe much until I read Rand's article on the reason she died.

Rand explains that it was precisely for her courage, her beauty, her happiness, her innocence, her sexuality, and her benevolence that she was despised, and eventually killed herself. I had never made that connection before. I'd never connected her to my values, but once I did I started to find her physically attractive. That's the power values in female beauty. (EGO, 04/07/04.)


Roger L. Simon is blogging from:

the very spot where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe slept for most of their brief marrige. Yes, my office was once their bedroom and my desk is exactly where their bed would have been. (More Monroe,, 08/06/05.)

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