Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I will sign up for the Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Day on Thursday, September 1, at the The Truth Laid Bear's Katrina relief aggregator page. [Via InstaPundit.] Please give a suggestion on a charity.

In the news:

German Environmental Minister Jürgen Trittin remains stolid in his assertion that Hurricane Katrina is linked to global warming and America's refusal to reduce emissions. (, 08/31/05.)

Yesterday I had a post on Wi-Fi. You could get free of charge Wi-Fi Internet service available at T-Mobile HotSpot locations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

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Katrina's Wake

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UPDATE 09/01/05:

Thanks to Gus Van Horn for the suggestion of donating to the Armed Forces Retirement Home. [Editor's note: I can send a small donation, if someone on the list could accept payments via PayPal. I have added a symbolic contribution of $1 to the contribution logging page at TTLB.]

For updates on the situation, read N.Z. Bear's post, Hurricane Katrina: Blog Relief Day Begins, and go to the TTLB Katrina topic page. Glenn Reynolds has posted the first blogburst installment.

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