Monday, August 1, 2005


I have enjoyed Charles Johnson's photo posts, so the second edition of the open thread post at EGO is illustred by a photo of my new monitor. [Editor's note: Brother, thank you very much for the gift!]


[Editor's comment: Do you see the knight toy figure? It has been buried in the garden for many, many years... As a kid I enjoyed playing with knights and I placed them in a wooden castle. Later on, I tried to play Dungeons & Dragons, but I didn't really get hooked on the game.]

Thanks to Gus Van Horn for leaving a comment last week. I think that I will try to stick with my general weekly schedule. As a "bonus," I will publish new photos of the tomato, paprika, and chile pepper plants. In the meantime, enjoy a picture of chile pepper / licorice candy.


I will look into the matter of layout and design of the blog. I will contact Elegant Webscapes and ask for a price estimate for fixing some details. I will also ask for help from other fellow bloggers sometime in the near future regarding the 3 column set up. Thanks to Nick Lindauer for commenting and sending me an email message on issues with viewing the blog in the Firefox browser.

I have to update my blogroll and list of links. Here is an excerpt from Gerard Van der Leun's post, The Koinonia of Blogdom.

Like other bloggers, I usually place a site on my main blogroll if it has something to it that either stimulates an item on this page, or one that is interesting enough that I've been to it several times. In short, one way that a site becomes part of my blogroll is because I've deemed it to be "of value." The other way that a site makes the list is through an impulse towards civility; i.e., the site has linked to my page so it is only polite to return the favor. In either case, both motives for linking are generally positive human impulses, interest and etiquette. Of course, over time I tend to forget the initial impulse for most of the sites, but that is of little importance. One way or another, I've made my "little list."

What is important is that I, like millions of other bloggers, have been constructing my own personal "koinonia" without being entirely aware of it. This means that while the current "magic" that powers the blogsphere is the hyperlink -- the one universal things that ties blogs and the Web together -- the blogroll may well be the other universal element of blogs that is still nascent, waiting to be exploited. And perhaps not waiting for long.

Already, as those who pay attention to Inside Blogball know, plans afoot to create Uberblogs such as Johnson and Simon's Pajamas Media. (PM) The overall shape of this venture is still unclear but it has been funded and will go forward. It also boasts Glenn Reynolds in some sort of "Executive Editor" roll but this is will probably be more of a titular appointment than a hands-on function, sort of like having Henry Kissinger on your Board of Directors.

The point here is that, whatever PM becomes its origins will be from koinonia that rise up out of the blogrolls and comments sections of and little green footballs. There's a strange frisson that something so crucial could evolve from such an odd conjunction of names, but that's the way things grow in this medium.

From this we can see that it is a very solid possibility that the next surge of growth in the blogsphere, the next evolutionary step, will be the exploitation of the extant but largely unrecognized koinonia of blogrolls. When you have a host of tools for aggregation and a large supply of blogrolls to be aggregated, it is only a question of when not if. (, 07/30/05.)

Talking about Pajamas Media, check out Ann Althouse's post, Pajamas Media vs. BlogAds -- the blogger's perspective, and Charles Johnson's reply, About Ann's Questions. I have made comments on Althouse (I, II, III) and Little Green Footballs (I, II, III).

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