Saturday, August 6, 2005


The video game industry is trying to target new markets, including minorities and older people. Here is an excerpt from the article, Chasing the dream.

The gaming industry is trying to address the generational divide. It is producing games designed to appeal to non-gamers and encouraging casual gamers (who may occasionally play simple web-based games, or games on mobile phones) to play more. This has led to the development of games with a wider appeal. Some of them replace the usual control pad with novel input devices: microphones for singing games, cameras for dancing and action games, and even drums. In addition, the industry has started to cater more to women, who seem to prefer social simulation games such as "The Sims", and to older people, who (if they play games at all) often prefer computerised versions of card games and board games. Other promising avenues include portable gaming, mobile gaming and online downloads of simple games. Many people enjoy gaming, but do not necessarily want to commit themselves to an epic quest that will take dozens of hours to complete. (, 08/04/05.)

I bet that the Carnival of Gamers will follow the future of the video game industry.


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UPDATE 08/07/05:

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If you are interested in the gaming industry (pachinko) in Japan, read the article, Not technically considered gambling, video-game-like slot machines are a booming industry in Japan.

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