Friday, August 26, 2005


This post has been bumped down so the grand finale of the Adventures of Morris keeps its rightful place at the top of the heap. I have also posted it on my own blog.

This turned out to be an unexpectedly busy week all the way up until yesterday, when I had the pleasure of meeting two fellow bloggers who were visiting Houston, and of renewing my acquaintance with their host, who resides here. We met for dinner at my favorite Greek restaurant, Niko Niko's and then adjourned to The Ginger Man for a round of drinks and good conversation.

This was the first time for me to meet anyone in person through my blog and it was very strange at first. I blog under a pseudonym partly to keep my work life and my blogging life neatly separated and I found that I'd gotten so good at walling off the "blogging world" that I had a little trouble remembering the names of some people I know through blogging when they came up in conversation! Other than that small difficulty, I had a great time. Felipe, David, and Tom are really good people and I enjoyed meeting them. The only drawback was that it wasn't a Saturday, so they missed going on a tour of the St. Arnold's brewery.

I understand that the last time Martin visited Houston, he made the same omission. Here's hoping that his travels take him this way again so he can rectify that problem. (And that goes for David and Felipe, too.)

And on that note, I thank Martin, who will be returning from his travels shortly, for letting me guest blog during his absence. At first, I thought his choice to use the handful of guest bloggers was simply a way to spread the load so no one or two people would end up doing all the work. And maybe I was right, but during his absence, I noticed that each member of the team of guest-bloggers contributed a unique dimension to the blog. (Elizabeth's posts on the Adventures of Morris were my favorites.) The sum ended up reminding me quite a bit of Martin's usual blogging, though it isn't really Ego without Lindeskog at the helm. I enjoyed posting here and reading the other guest bloggers, but, like Morris, I'll be glad to see Martin himself back.

Welcome home, Martin!

-- CAV

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